Xylene took its place as a vital player in the world of value chain innovation, shaking things up with its concept of end-to-end traceability leading to digital product passports. This move wasn’t just a small step; it completely changed how businesses can operate, making trust an integral part of the process like never before.

Xylene’s involvement in this transformational journey was on full display at the Plug and Play Italy Summit, a big deal event held in Milan. Xylene had been part of the Plug and Play family since the Takeoff Accelerator back in late 2022. Fast forward to the summit, and Xylene’s booth was buzzing with excitement. People were drawn to it, eager to see how this technology worked. Live demos showcased the experience firsthand of how digital product passports meticulously tracked every step of a product’s journey. This wasn’t just about accountability; it was about knowing where things were coming from and where they were going.

The summit itself was a melting pot of ideas, learning, and networking. Experts from industries, forward-thinking entrepreneurs and investors, and tech enthusiasts all gathered to share their thoughts on innovation with discussions and presentations resonating with stories of real-world change.

Looking back, the Plug and Play Tech Center Italy Summit was like a turning point in the Italian tech world. Beyond just showcasing the potential of tech to reshape industries, it left everyone with a sense of hope and determination.

This collaboration with Plug and Play has added extra weight to Xylene’s impact. By inspiring companies everywhere to embrace change, Xylene continues to steer things toward a future where efficiency and trust go hand in hand.