Sustainable textiles

To offer a truly transparent and sustainable product, Xylene works to change the fashion industry. Each step of the value chain is verifiably recorded and consumers are able to directly see the ecological and social impact of the product and include this information in their decision process.

Legal forestry

Illegal deforestation is a major concern for timber companies. Xylene lets you act immediately. Identify sources and see through earth observation the impact on forests. Trace the timber and follow important sustainability documentation.


To give proof of origin, you can benefit from the use of Xylene’s software that helps you verify origins and ensure responsible operations. The software can be implemented with farmers and resulted in a security against document fraud while communicating the product journey with customers.

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The diamond supply chain has become synonymous for critical materials from conflicted regions. With Xylene the visibility of the supply chain offers insights into source regions and the traceability of diamonds from the mines until reaching the customers helps to maintain the integrity.

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Food traceability, from farm to fork

80% of extra virgin olive oil from Italy is fake! This large scale consumer deception affects even the biggest brands in the industry. Xylene has a solution to tackle this global problem by introducing traceability for a trustworthy product.

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We help you to meet your sustainability goals and engage with your customers

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