What is Xylene?

Xylene offers transparency solutions for supply chain management, customer engagement and easier compliance.

Our Software

  • Supply Chain Management: With over 10 years of combined experience in supply chain management, Xylene offers a user-friendly system to interact with suppliers and improve due-diligence and reporting in your supply chain.

How it works?

Xylene’s digital toolset consists of Web and Mobile apps, APIs and IoT devices to digitalise your supply chain and prove your transparency and sustainability claims.

Full visibility and traceability are achieved with an easy to implement and scalable approach

Our technology

Our revolution in transparency is led by innovation. Synergies between new technologies enable far-reaching changes in data collection and bring the digitization of the supply chain to the next level

Digital twin

Digital information mirrors the real world and secures all transactions


The immutability of data creates trust among stakeholders


Digital models are based on automatic and authentic measurements

Satellite navigation

Geolocation and timing verify transactions and make your supply chain more resilient

Earth monitoring

Insights into operations are collected for specific points of interest

ERP Integration

Interoperability is the key to effortless collaboration