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Sustainable supply chains are achievable today. With supply chain visibility and traceability Xylene helps you to create transparency in your supply chain and let’s you show your customers the people and the journey behind your product.



Xylene has been active since 2019 in working to provide this transparency in international raw materials supply chains through space technology and blockchain.

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Christopher Edwards
Christopher EdwardsCo-Founder & CEO
Christopher is a supply chain professional. His experience includes consulting and supply chain positions in industry. With his experience, he leads the business development and further brings his knowledge to the product development.
Giuseppe Benenati
Giuseppe BenenatiCo-Founder & CTO
Giuseppe is a mechanical and manufacturing engineer with a vast experience in the automotive and aerospace industries. His experience and knowledge defines the path of Xylene’s product development.
Marco Melilli
Marco MelilliSoftware Engineer
Marco studied Computer Engineering in Italy. He has worked in IT consulting firms where he has developed software for multinational companies. With his knowledge in software architecture and design, he manages the development of Xylene’s application.

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