We are pleased to share that Xylene has been featured in an interesting article that delves into the transformative impact of our digital product passport technology on the fashion industry’s landscape.

We collaborated with the esteemed Italian artisanal brand Zerobarracento to show how the digital product passport technology plays an important role in revolutionizing transparency within the fashion industry. From the mapping supply chains to utilizing blockchain for data security, our commitment to providing consumers with a comprehensive garment history is at the forefront of this partnership.

Thanks to digital product passports, our customers now have the complete history of each garment, from raw materials to the final product. We partnered with startup Xylene to showcase the potential of digital product passports and traceability. Supported by the European Commission’s Worth Partnership Project, this collaboration marks a new era in fashion transparency.

Camilla Carrara – founder of Zerobarracento

Link to the full article (in italian): https://www.vita.it/care-maison-passporti-prego