Stuttgart 15.07.2020


Sustainability and transparency project for Ethiopian wild coffee

Consumer demands for sustainability and transparency have been growing rapidly in recent years. For Rainbow Coffee, sustainability and transparency have top priority. However, a product can only be as sustainable as its supply chain. This means taking into account working and production conditions at suppliers and, in addition, provide long-term support to the coffee farmers’ community.

To meet these challenges, Rainbow Coffee is partnering with Xylene to create a transparent supply chain where essential steps are tracked to deliver the best possible product to consumers. With the development together with Rainbow Coffee, consumers will have the opportunity to experience the origin of the products themselves and connect to the community to interact with coffee farmers in Ethiopia. We are entering a new era where you will not only drink coffee, but also support the local farmers.

From now on you can find our coffee products with a QR code that offers insight into the product origin. With a simple scan you have access to all information. Learn more about the coffee you drink!

Rainbow Coffee

Rainbow Coffee sets new standards for sustainable coffee, a company built up of agricultural engineers, environmental technicians, innovators, and forward thinkers who do their utmost to make the cultivation and trade of coffee sustainable and fair. Rainbow Coffee covers all steps of the value chain, from harvesting and processing to refining and trading, within its own company. The aim is to supply the most sustainable, fair, and best coffee in the world. For this reason, the company works with colleagues in Ethiopia and Kenya at eye level and jointly promotes local education, information, and infrastructure. This is the first time that a truly sustainable foundation has been created that includes everyone.



Xylene is a German start-up with the mission to make products more transparent and trustworthy. Xylene works for companies with international supply chains to establish control and enable sustainable procurement. Whether it is compliance with legal regulations, minimizing the carbon footprint or supporting the community in the country of origin, the possibilities are endless. Xylene makes the history and origin of the products visible and enables the connection between consumers and community. Work with us to make our products more transparent!

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