The transparency and trust needed in the industry is a combination of the integrity of information ensured by blockchain and the authenticity of data ensured by an automatic data gathering process helped by IoT devices and Earth Observation.

Supply Chain Management

With over 10 years of combined experience in supply chain management, Xylene offers a user-friendly system to interact with suppliers and improve due-diligence and reporting in your supply chain.

Space Technology

Xylene combines Satellite Navigation and Earth Observation to achieve a highly accurate and authentic record of Chain of Custody. This is achieved in two steps: certified geo-referencing and timestamping of transaction data are collected through PNT information from Galileo, that are then put into context by Copernicus providing authenticity validation.


Transactions such as process steps in the supply chain are tracked in the database and encoded cryptically. Each transaction is verified by consensus across a peer-to-peer distributed network and cannot be altered once this consensus is reached. This guarantees absolute confidence in the data integrity and ensures that deleting or changing entries in the blockchain is impossible.