Politics and consumers are urging companies to provide proof of their responsible sourcing. This is also reflected on the market through increasingly aware consumers.

Supply Chain Visualisation

Xylene is a system for importers and producers with extensive and complex international supply chains to gain transparency and control over their supply chain. This innovative approach visualises the supply chain to gain an overview of where suppliers are located and where material is sourced from and allows for decisions based on risk assessment.

Product Flow Traceability

Physical products are labelled and tracked along the supply chain from the source to the consumer. Information is connected to the product; it is passed between stakeholders using blockchain and its authenticity is validated through satellite data, insuring Compliance with legal requirements and ethical sourcing standards.

Customer Engagement

Being able to connect the journey of a product to the point of sales leads to added value of the final product. The consumer will also be able to connect to the origin of the product, support sustainable projects, balance its carbon footprint and/or recycle the raw materials present in its product at the end of its life.