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We have enhanced our exisitng product and are offering a unique opportunity for you to become one of the first to sign on and benefit from supply chain visibility before it is released.

Who are my tier-n suppliers? How sustainable is my supply chain? How can I comply with legislation and standards? To all these questions Xylene is the answer. Benefit from full supply chain visibility and a chance to have state-of-the-art compliance that you can market with your products.

Simply sign in to the registration form to be part of the limited number of companies that will receive the opportunity to use Xylene’s benefits before anyone else.

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We offer our enhanced product to a selected number of early adopter completely for free of charge, forever. What we expect from you is your commitment to implement Xylene along the supply chain and the availability to give periodic feedback on usage.

We give you a competitive edge while maintaining the confidentiality for you all the supply chain partners. Xylene uses a secure blockchain that gives you and all your partners the power over their data.

Xylene is there to support you along the way. We have experienced experts available to help you achieve the maximum benefits from Xylene.

We offer this solution in English and German. We will release additional languages soon.

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Become an Early Adopter and benefit from supply chain visibility before it is released.